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The Treason TV Show



As the ongoing pandemic means no live shows for the foreseeable future, we are producing a television version to maintain our audience and to raise funds to survive until we can get back to our bread and butter of performing live.

The show is currently on Latest TV (and our You Tube channel) with a new episode every two weeks until August. We will then see where we are and whether we can continue.

We have been blessed with amazing support in the form of the crowdfunding campaign from which half of our survival fund came pre-tv show and the rest from donations from people watching the show. We are also grateful for the support of Adelphi Group of Companies for their timely contribution which has enabled us, along with the crowdfunder to make series 1.

So what happens next?

We plan to get to the end of July and evaluate where we go from there, whether it is another series (for which we will need to alter our crowdfunding to support any new series) or to mothball the show until we can perform again.

As for live shows, those ticket holders for the shows that were coming up, these are postponed until further notice, so hold onto your tickets as they will still be valid when we do return.

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the TV version, which may not be the full live experience but is hopefully cheering people up with much needed satire and song. I believe that satire must not die of coronavirus, so please do share on social media, email, tell your friends etc here’s the link (below) to all the episodes so far and the ones to come and if you have any suggestions for how to support a second series of the TV show, we’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe,


Mark Brailsford mark@treasonshow.co.uk


Creator of The Treason Show Our You Tube Channel: