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Mark Brailsford
Neil Tollfree
Martin Malcolm
Jason Smart
Daniel Beales
Pete Styles
Noel Christopher
Simon Levenson
Phillip Barron
Stephen Mawhinney
Terry Adlam
Phillip Hepple
Nigel Solanki
David Salisbury
Steve Evans
Martin Baum
Mikey Jackson
Matt Bates
Robin Bailes
Gary Beard
Christopher Bryant
John Cowen
Sam Moseley
Michael Day
Hil Jennings
Tom Johnstone
Griff Phillips
John Random
Gordon Robertson
Ian Smith
Marc Blakewill
James Harris
Gill Smith
Derek Thompson
Jason Blackwater
Kieran Wills
Sarah Carter
John Stock
Heather Urquhart
Liz Peters
Graham Lipscomb
Brian Mitchell
Joseph Nixon
Daniel Allen
Sue Pullen
Andy Flood
David Siedel
Rachel Denyer
Paul Jones

Writers can be contacted through the Treason Show production office

The Treason Show uses a very talented pool of writers from all over the UK. Some of our writers meet twice a month: a fortnight before and then a week before the show to review the news and brainstorm new ideas and themes. Some writers prefer to operate by e-mail only. It's up to you. If you are interested in joining our writing team (or just want a reminder how things work) please read our Writer's Guidelines, which gives tips on the show's style, cast, preferred subject matter, sketch length etc.

Join the writing team

If you would like to join our writing team, please send two sketches or songs (just lyrics please) to Send your material as a Microsoft Word document or a .txt file.

Submissions guidelines:

Send only to Put the sketch/song title in the subject field not "sketch" or your name. Send Word documents and paste a copy in the body of the e-mail. (We use various platforms to view and the .doc to print). Ensure your name is on the sketch after the title. Don't forget to number your pages.

Be funny!

Payment for material

There is a writers pot of money based on the points system and the writers share the pot which currently is £200 per show. It roughly translates to around £2 to £3 a show and £3 to £4 a song. One liners £1 to £2.

N.B. As the show is rather nomadic at the moment the pay is low but with our fresh run at our new venues we anticipate being able to raise writers pay at some point this year.