The Treason Show

Writing for show

We are always open to new writers joining the team. We look for parody songs (well known tunes) topical sketches, monologues, runners, one liners, gags and captions.

Whilst the pay is small it is a writing credit for both stage and TV. Pay is divided up via a points system. A percentage of the box office from the show is given over to the writers pool and the writers who get material in the show get a share of this.

The share of the spoils is roughly, 3 points for a song, 2 for a sketch and 1 for a one liner. (roughly £4 a song, £3 a sketch £2 for one liners etc.

We hold regular writers meetings both online and in the pub. (If you're in Brighton) you can be anywhere in the world and write for us.

Many TS writers have gone on to write for the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, films, etc. Notable alumni include, Josh Widdicome, Phil Barron, John MgGlade and an idea that once came from Sir Kenneth Brannagh no less.

Guideline for writing for us, it's news based, topical, satirical, short and sweet with a punchline ending.

Parody songs (changing the lyrics to well known tunes) to have a good comedy hook (the line you remember the song by) and have a humorous take on a topic in the news or a well know politician, celebrity or character that's in the news.

One liners, gags basically.

If you wish to join in the fun, just send 2 sample sketches and or a sample parody song to and if we like it you'll be invited to join us.